APop Institute is

  • a non-profit organisation
  • a non-political organisation


APop Institute's Vision for a Greater Australia to "Populate and Prosper"
will be achieved through its Mission:
"to promote the benefits of responsible population growth in Australia".

Responsible population growth will take into account:
  1. the environment
  2. employment
  3. the economy
  4. national security, and
  5. social implications.
APop Institute will strive to facilitate discussion and debate in these areas through presentations, conferences and activities aimed at:
  1. Fostering and supporting targeted research and policy development,
  2. Encouraging and lobbying government, politicians, civil servants and all stakeholders to adopt and implement responsible population growth strategies
  3. Educating the community at large
APop Institute's motivation comes from a concern for the future health and wealth of Australia.

APop Institute Proposition

Population growth cannot be discussed in isolation from a range of broader issues. Population levels affect workplace shortages, infrastructure provision, intergenerational funding arrangements, fertility, immigration and national security. The Australian Population Institute sees the debate to plan the future is about nation building

Creating a Vision for a Greater Australia

Australians need a bipartisan national approach to population policies that support the development of a greater Australia