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The Australian Population Institute Presidents Report to the 2009 Annual General Meeting available here

AGM 2012 notice available here 7th April 2011: Breakfast Meeting Series at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club with Professor Hugo.

3rd December 2009: Breakfast Meeting Series: Professor Andrew Markus presented "Mapping Social Cohesion 2009: The Scanlon Foundation surveys". The presentation provided an overview of the Scanlon Foundation survey findings, with particular attention to change over the last two years and to the challenges facing maintenance of a large immigration program.

October 2009: Breakfast Meeting Series: Dr. Jeromey Temple, Research Fellow in Economic Demography at the Australian National University (ANU), discussed demographic trends in Australia, with particular focus upon migration and the role of demographic factors in driving economic activities using housing demand, labour supply and GDP growth as examples and provided an overview of the methodology behind population projections.

14 May 2009: Breakfast Meeting Series: Jeremy Reynolds, manager of demographic research at the Department of Planning and Community Development, presented "Victoria in Future: The story behind the numbers".

25 November 2008: Breakfast Meeting Series: Chris McNeill from Spade Consultants Pty Ltd presented "Future Australia: Bigger and Better; but where will we live?"

1 August 2006: 2006 Seminar Series: "From Boomers to Babies...resourcing Australia 's workplace into the future". Speakers: Mr Gautam Dev (General Manager Recruitment, Coles Myer Ltd), Mr Jeremy Reynolds (Manager of Demographic Research, Department of Sustainability & Environment, Professor Philip Taylor (Faculty of Business and Enterprise, Swinburne University of Technology), Mr Bill Shorten (National & Victorian State Secretary, Australian Workers Union)

October 2005: Third National Population Summit opened by the Governor General and addressed by the Chief Minister for the Northern Territory in Darwin. Speakers: Angela Shanahan, Bernard Salt, David Poole, Jennifer Marohasy, Jeremy Reynolds, John Button, John Gallop, John Hartley, Rolf Gerritson, Ted Egan

April 2004: Second Regional Population Summit in Wodonga

November 2003: Second National Population Summit hosted by Premier Rann in Adelaide

November 2002: National Regional Population Summit in Albury.

February 2002: National Population Summit hosted by Premier Bracks in Melbourne

21 October 2003: Breakfast Meeting Series Windsor Hotel "State of the Regions" by Dr Craig Shepherd

24 September 2002: Breakfast Meeting Series: "The Benefits of Immigration " by Mary Kalantzis, BA, DipEd, PhD

25 June 2002 "The Population Issue and Australia's Security " by Rawdon Dalrymple, AO

13 November 2001: Breakfast Meeting Series: "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Options for Australia's Population, Infrastructure, Resources & Environment " by Barney Foran of the CSIRO

9 October 2001 "Australia's Population Size and our Future Defence Policy " by Prof. Paul Dibb

11 September 2001 "Australia's Demographic Balance & Sustainability " by Prof. Greame Hugo

14 August 2001 "Australian Population, Prosperity and Sovereignty " by Prof. Ross Garnaut AO

10 July 2001 "Population Policy & Implications on Australia's Cultural Diversity" by George Lekakis Chair of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria

12 June 2001 "Taking the Population Debate Forward: Migration and Regional Australia" by Martin Ferguson MP

21 July 2001: The Hon. Joe Hockey's speech "A Vision for Sydney"

2 June 2001: Editorial on Martin Ferguson's speech at first APop Breakfast Meeting

April 2001: Article for APop by Greens Senator Bob Brown

17 August 2000: ABS Population Figures Spell Grey Future: APop 2001 Youth Population Summit Information Kit & Student Speeches